Version 0.18

Mostly there was a lot of additional proof-of-concepting being done as I continue to put the basic ideas and mechanics into the game to verify how the work. The quests aspect has been fleshed out a bit as has the home base. Getting the two to work together in the right way has taken some figuring out but I think I've found some good solutions. 

New shop items and a clumsily balanced shop system allowed me to verify some of the core aspects of the game. From here it'll be tons and tons of polish and integration before the game is ready.

As usual, please refer to the README.txt file for information on how to use the home base and quest aspects of the game.


StatsTables v0.18 (11 kB)
77 days ago
README.txt (4 kB)
77 days ago
Plan of Action (18 kB)
77 days ago
Yar! PoC_Linux v0.18 (101 MB)
77 days ago
Yar! PoC_Mac v0.18 (97 MB)
77 days ago
Yar! PoC_Win v0.18 (96 MB)
77 days ago

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