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Yar! is still undergoing design adjustments and upgrades so I promise we're not abandonware :-D. I have changed my documentation software and will be posting updates to a website to be named, shortly. 

Upgrades to the executable files will continue to be posted here as they come but I'm in the final stages of documenting design processes before jumping beyond the proof-of-concept stage that I have on display, here.

Thank you all so much for your support and patience. Just so you're all aware, the game will continue to be under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

NOTE: I'm currently no longer streaming my design process. I just found it to be too dull for content


The game is being created live via Twitch streams. Come check us out at twitch.tv/indievoyagerob on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2pm-4pm Pacific time. All documentation will be made available on this here itch.io page.

Yar! is undergoing a massive overhaul. Now being made with RPG Maker MV, Yar! is still an ASCII-based game but now using the power and flexibility of the RPG Maker system.

Making the move from Roguelike to RPG has been my desire all along, and now I can do so with a bit more comfort. As I complete my initial level, I'll begin posting it to Itch.io.

Yar! is a highly experimental game that is inspired by the abstractness within games like FFVII, Sanitarium and Planescape: Torment. I hope you'll enjoy the ride. I know I will.


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Homebase v0.15 19 kB
Party Members v0.15 17 kB
YarGDD v0.15 32 kB
Quests v0.16 23 kB
StatsTables v0.18 11 kB
README.txt 4 kB
Plan of Action 18 kB
Yar! PoC_Linux v0.18 101 MB
Yar! PoC_Mac v0.18 97 MB
Yar! PoC_Win v0.18 96 MB

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